Why don’t your contact lenses have any UV protection?
As a contact lens couldn’t cover the complete eye (like sunglasses do), it’s not possible to grant UV protection for the eye.

Why do you offer daily lenses only?
As the most of my clients are people who are not used to wear contact lenses every day, daily lenses are the easiest way to grant the best hygienics.

Why are the lenses so expensive?
Because the lenses are all made by hand. The center is tinted not printed.
So, this is why we can guarantee the best quality for the product.

Is it possible to order the contact lenses with any sphere/diopter?
Yes, it is possible to order the contact lenses with your individual corrections.
But please note it takes longer than the normal shipping time because the lenses are solely made to order. For now. ; )

Are you the producer or patent holder of these lenses?
Due to international patent rights, you can’t have any patent on contact lenses, but I’m the developer and owner of the design, which is protected by law standards on an international basis.