About the idea

After working in advertising for over 25 years, I’ve been on so many shoots around the world and always feel bad for the models when the photographers continually shout out: ‘Open your eyes!’.

If you’re sensitive to light or the light is just too strong (either in snow or at the beach) – you often just can’t open them.

I’ve been wearing contact lenses myself for over 30 years and had the idea to create these ‘in-the-eyes’ sunglasses.

There have been tinted contact lenses on the market before, but they where all fully tinted, so the wearer looked demonic. With these lenses, the pupil is reduced to a small diameter, which gives you the benefits of sunglasses without the monster effect.

But again, please note: never look directly into the sun, as the lenses have no sun protection at all. It’s just to make it easier for you keep your eyes open in bright light.