Introducing „OPENYOUREYES“
Invisible sunglasses that go in your eyes!

These innovative contact lenses have a tinted center, so you can look into light,
but they don’t change the color of your eyes!


That means…no squinting…no watery…no irritated or closed eyes ever again.

No matter whether you are looking at a camera in the sun, in the snow or glaring bright light. Only a minimum effort in post-production and the small shadow in the eye background is gone. No need to exchange faces or eyes in post because the models are squinting.


For professional use only

As these contact lenses don’t offer UV protection, they’re for professional use only. Never look directly into the sun! They are only intended for use by models, actors, presenters and reporters for short times in front of the camera when they can’t wear sunglasses.



This is my own non-retouched pupil at noon. Left without and right eye with OPENYOUREYES.